The Children’s Society

the-childrens-societyEarly in October I attended a meeting at Christchurch Rectory. Joanne Nicholson of The Children’s Society came to share with us some information re the crucial work of the Society.
Who they are; The Children’s Society has helped change children’s stories for over a century.
What do they do? They fight poverty and neglect, helping children to have a better chance in life. 
I must admit I knew very little about their work and I was very impressed by what I heard. During the afternoon I remember thinking that our congregations should hear about this as I am sure that there are those who would like to be involved in and support this vital work.
I brought away an information pack and these are available from the Society.
They have speakers who are willing to come to take Sunday services and to tell of their work.An important work happening right here in Manchester.
Some of you will probably be fully informed re this amazing work but I would encourage others,to go to their
The Society has need of help in so many areas it would be great if our churches were able to be involved.
I am leaving you with this prayer which can be found in one of the information leaflets.
Loving God, open my heart to your children.
May my ears hear their laughing and my eyes see their hurt.
May my hands be gentle and caring, yet strong and resolute where change is needed.
May I speak so all your children, the happy and laughing and the troubled and lost, may come to know your love and justice no matter where they are.
For more information, please contact the Support Care team by Email on or call 0300 303 7000

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