Maundy Thursday

Thursday in Holy Week…

John 13:1-10

“He had always loved them…and he loved them to the very end”

All of us run the risk of imagining God fitting neatly into a framework all of our own making. Liking the things we like, hating the things we hate and even forgiving only the things that we are prepared to forgive.  We are good at putting things into boxes, things are safe in boxes!  God is not so keen on boxes.

Jesus, to this point, is the leader of the pack.  In word and deed, he has proved to us that He is King.  But now the hour is near.  No more clever responses to the religious leaders’ questions.  No longer would he leave one place and head for another – well, not of his own accord.  Today the pace and the tone changes.

Jesus is about to give everything.  In humility and weakness but out of a love like no other.  What does it do to your ‘boxed off’ image of God to see him on his knees? Should it really be a surprise? The God who threw off all the glory of heaven to dwell amongst us, time and time again seems to choose to need.

He wants to draw close to us as a friend and even serve.  Such friendship changes us – all friendships change us.  We pick up the phrases, habits, hopes and desires of even our very ordinary friends and that is what Jesus does this evening as he takes off his outer garment and takes up the stance of a servant.  We catch a glimpse of what tomorrow will bring along with a radically new way to be and to do.

Come and join us this evening at 7pm Thursday 18 April 2019

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