St Paul’s location

St Paul’s is on Victoria Avenue and can be seen from the junction with Rochdale Road and Victoria Avenue. It is possible to access the church grounds on foot from the main gate on Victoria Avenue at all times, or via the alternative gate on Erskine Road when church is open. There is ample parking available during off-peak times on Victoria Avenue and for those with mobility problems there is parking available all the time on Erskine Road to the rear of the church (shown on the Google map). There are no steps if you come into the church grounds from the Erskine Road entrance. There is a ramp access to the front of the church hall for those with mobility problems or for those with small children in pushchairs etc.

Please note: The address 37 Erskine Road which is given on Google refers to the old Rectory which is now no longer part of St Paul’s. The postcode is correct for those needing it for satnav purposes.