Our Story – St Peter’s

The history of St Peter’s can be traced back to 1547 when the first minister, John Travis, took up his post at the first building known as “Blackley Chapel” which was owned by the Byron family at the time. Not much is known about John Travis but it is quite likely he was banished during the turbulence that engulfed the church at the time. Travis was thought to be the friend of the Protestant reformer John Bradford and he was burned at the stake, so perhaps being banished wasn’t so bad!

In the 17th Century the church was taken under the wing of the Bishop of Chester (there was no Manchester diocese until much later). The second building was completed in 1736 but within a few decades became inadequate for the explosion in population in Blackley which coincided with the Industrial Revolution, and so work began on a third (present) building and the foundation was laid on 19th April 1844 and on 29th September the new St Peter’s (the current building) was consecrated by the Bishop of Chester, just a few years before Manchester got its own Bishiop.